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1990 Honda CRX Si D15Z1/HF Trans Swap Project

I have wanted to do this swap for quite sometime.. I think the idea of saving money on fuel is awesome and I plan to take a car that you don't usually see used for these swaps and would like to put a small twist on it..

I plan to drive this car everyday and want this to be a nice car that I want to drive not that I have to drive... So with that said, I will be putting A/C in this car and some nice wheels along with a lowered suspension..

I found the D15Z1 swap out of Charlotte, NC about 8months back for $400 and got everything I would need except the harness.. Just got the HF trans a few months ago for $150 out of Murfreesboro NC.. Just drug the car home on thanksgiving from Portsmouth VA and am somewhat happy with it but it will still need some significant work for it to be where I want it to be.. Interior is super clean and body is straight but needs work with both body lines and paint..

I can't wait to get this thing started and will try to take some pics as I go.. Any input, ideas or comments are welcome.. Im sure I will have many questions along the way Im sure..

This was the engine setup and how I snagged it outta charlotte.. I drove 320mi. one way to get this puppy..

Saw the FS add on this website! I had only been looking for about a year with no luck previously..

This is the car I picked up..

An Interior shot.. pretty proud of this here.. Car has 160000 on the odometer..

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