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Open source engine design -- will it work well?

FYI, Formula 1 V8 have been slowed down to 18,000RPM...

Okay, I have been thinking about an engine design that uses just two stokes with disc valves that would have a power cycle every 180 degrees, that is turbocharged, with no compression stroke -- the main advantage would be the power stroke starts at 45 degrees past top dead center and the cylinder is offset to the side, so the connecting rod is straight at the beginning of the power stroke.

It would have less than a 1/3 of the pumping losses of a 4 stroke, and very low valve train friction losses, and the aforementioned mechanical torque. Here's a drawing of the cycle:

It could have very low RPM's and almost be self-starting.

The disk valve would be in the head just above the piston (I have not drawn it yet, sorry), and the 2 fuel injectors and 2 spark plugs would be in the sides of the top of the cylinder (also not shown).

There could be 2 intake ports (180 degrees apart) and 2 exhaust ports (also 180 degrees apart), and the heat could be transferred from the exhaust to the intake.

Some other possible advantages:

Good swirl when the fuel is injected.
Good flame spread.
Only 225 degrees of "coasting" (instead of 540 in a 4 stroke)

The Revetec engine just about doubles the efficiency by gaining mechanical torque; up to 38.6%. This design also gains by having very low pumping losses, low RPM because of frequent power strokes, very low valvetrain friction -- could it be over 50%?

So -- what do you think? Will it work? Will it be uber-efficient? Will not having a compression stroke doom it? Am I crazy?
Sincerely, Neil

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