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Originally Posted by autoteach View Post
Unless you are running it like a two stroke with cylinder ports and crankcase pumping, you would need a supercharger (positive displacement). this would not be difficult to do, but the problem would lie in the energy density, or rather the heat that would build up having 2 times as many firings per X rpm. Not saying impossible, that is for sure.
Actually the situation you describe would be the worst case scenario, like climbing Pikes Peak at maximum speed. In anything approaching a normal state or operation the duty cycle would be well below 15% at full load, without extreme boost or other sustained max load applications.

Under normal situations the problem would be creating enough waste heat to actually keep the engine at operating temperature. The solution would be to put it in a thermally insulated vessel to keep the heat. Quite the opposite of worrying about getting rid of the heat energy.

One of the Insight owners did exactly that, made a thermal blanket that completely surrounded his engine to retain the heat in very cold climates.

I think Robert Smalls stated earlier that the Insight engine in lean burn was up to 47% efficient. That was a decade ago.


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