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Ref: Old Mechanic: "if you are idling at all, or operating any engine with a throttle restriction of any kind, you are doing it wrong."
Totally agree! Even in the ICE, as with the bike, I initially took it off. Now it's optional (signaled on or off) for engine breaking on our mountain roads, which of course looses efficiency. On the turbine/hybrid, of course, none exists. Both systems are now fly by wire.

Don't get so frustrated in your ideas that you quit all together. (seemingly noted) There is a huge population base interested in these alternative means to efficiency but you have to make yourself known and with lots of networking, searching and making contacts. It takes lots of time just for that. You have real ideas that requires continued perseverance. Find other means to stay motivated, small steps in any progress helps. Don't be hesitant to approach political people, scientists and engineers, etc. It all can lead to the right contact.
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