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Here we go again with you trying to put words in my mouth.

Provide a quote that demonstrates "whining" on my part. You can't
Or any aspersion to self proclaimed brilliance. You can't

Maybe you should confine your mouth to statements that have a minimal basis in fact.

3980 posts and 117 thanks dcb
831 posts and 76 thanks mech

Have you posted a single piece of relevant information on this thread.

The OP was interested in engine developments, something I have watched and continue to watch, I posted my observations. You accused me of promoting falsehoods (forum rules violation).

I provided evidence to support my statements, corroborated by others. You attack the fuel source. When your postion fails due to lack of supporting evidence you switch to personal attacks and character assasination (forum rules violation).

Powertrain developments and engine developments are both parts of the same system and are interrelated. Certain engine designs are specifically configured for certain powertrain designs.

Instead of this thread being informative to others it degrades into you poor attemps to make me and my pursuit seem irrelevant to others. Truly a sad situation on your part.

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