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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
I think there is a future in 2 cycle engines, but the stigma of the old designs is a hard prejudice to overcome. The cost of compression could be reduced by injecting the fuel and air into the engine in a homogenized state with no valves and exhaust ports at BDC to allow combustion by products to escape with a significant amount of residual byproducts for the purpose of EGR.
Is there any way that I could actually get you to elaborate on your two stroke theories? I asked a page or two ago, but now I need to do it again. As I read this, it doesnt make sense. I am not being argumentative, I just would like to understand (case in point, allowing combustion byproducts to escape with residual byproducts, which seems to be two of the same). Are you talking about a two stroke that uses neither poppet valves, reed valves, or cylinder porting? If so, how does this work? I think what is happening here is that you are thinking faster than you are typing and missing some content.

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