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Injecting both fuel and air into the combustion chambers, so no intake valves.

Ports at BDC to allow most of the exhaust gasses to escape.

Some residual byproducts (exhaust gasses) remain for the purpose of EGR.

Hope that helps.

You are correct about the thinking and typing situation. I once did that in an analytic geometry class and left out a step in the calculation. It was a 4 problem test and everything I wrote was perfect. Because I left out the one line in a half page calculation the teacher took off 10 points. I told her that if I had left the whole thing blank, at that rate of deduction the test score (which supposedly can never be below 0) would have been -300.

My grade for that grading period was 98.7 and the only mistake made in 6 weeks was the omission of the one step that was calculated but not written down on the paper.

42 years ago. Your remark made me think of that long ago time when my brain was ahead of my hands LOL.

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