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Hey Chris, I am new to this web site and just found this thread and your doing a great job.

I would replace the wheel bearing, upgrade to a shielded bearing but still use the seals just to keep more junk out of the bearing. The wheel should spin allot longer. The anti dive front end can be plugged off, also there is a brass or aluminum gasket on the bottom of the fork that might be leaking. If it is, just get an Allen wrench that fits the bolt and replace it. If you do a google search for a service manual on line.

Also as you might know, with the shaft drive you will lose 7 to 15% over a chain drive, but it is cool and seems to work very well. That might be part of the problem of over load on the motor. Just my 2 cents...

Also the body work is very cool, they did a great job on the design and metal work. I have been wanting to do a project like this for years, but I drag race motorcycles (Kawasaki ZX14) and that takes up a bunch of my time and money. Thanks for sharing on your project...

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