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Euro Golf 4 TDI s.e.
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Golf4 tdi "115" - '01 VW Golf TDI Sport Edition
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Talking I am from Europe, my Golf is from hell!

Hi everybody, my name is Mário, i'm from Europe(Portugal, the little small country in the left side of spain, many people thinks Portugal is part of Spain).
I found this forum when i was searching from aerodynamics information and i like it, and your ideas and projects.
I'm a fuel saver and i like performance too, i want to have them both.
I have a euro spec vw golf mk4 tdi it's a sport edition version, i have some performance modifications, i was a mechanic
Oh! sorry about my english, i hope you can understand me

Tuned VW Golf Mk4 Tdi, Euro spec!
AJM engine swaped by ASZ and many other goodies

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