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Driven both type easily over 100 k miles over the last 44 years. At 60 years I prefer an auto, but I do ride a motorcycle that gets over 80 MPG.

The 08 Altima CVT is quite nice and the wife has a 09 Rogue with the same engine and transmission. Nissan extended the warranty on their CVTs to 10 years and 120k miles.

On my car the torque converter locks up at 15 MPH when you accelerate slowly. It can go to 50 MPH and never exceed 1500 RPM.

As you get older, living in a very congested area, where traffic jams can catch you in a 3mile one hour crawl, driving a manual can be very frustrating.

When I coast in neutral in the Altima and shift back into gear, the car is amazing, at 45 MPH the RPMs stay at 1k for a couple of seconds before the TC locks back up, which with the CVT is basical a direct mechanical connection like a manual.

ON cruise control the RPMs doe not change when you climb a grade, as long as it is not severe they stay the same, unlike most automatics.

I prefer to concentrate on my situtional awareness over having to add thinking about shifting and other in car duties. To many stipid drivers around me all the time here.

If I lived out in the boonies, I would probably drive a stick, but the wife can't stand to be that far away from a $^&*() Wall Mart.

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