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Originally Posted by tumnasgt View Post
I'm thinking I should've added "I'm spoiled and have a DSG or CVT" because while they are automatic, they are nowhere near as crap.

Maybe one day someone will make a CVT with an automatic clutch instead of a TC, I'd almost certainly take one over a manual.
Pretty sure the original Honda Insight had that configuration.

Nice thing about the TC in the Altima is they use it like a clutch, with lockup at very low speeds to minimize the losses, but I don't have to worry about replacement of a clutch. I love the idea of a 6 speed dual clutch automated manual transmission. It follows my philosophy of the best of both worlds, especially when you consider the vast majority of drivers choose autos.

The old slush boxes are another thing altogether. I would never own another one of those, but many have more serious financial considerations, and my hat is off to them for working to get decent mileage.

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