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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
I think we should consider it like this instead of the endless non compromising debate.

Global Climate change that is human induced is certainly a possibility. Why not strive to reduce our possible impact, without letting it become the absolute obsession that drives emerging countries populations into poverty.

Actually many emerging countries have the advantage of being in a position to look at our history and not make the same mistakes we made due to ignorance.

While I agree completely with the idea that we, the developed nations, should lead the way to a cleaner atmosphere, I draw the line at radical life style changes that may or may not have proveable results.

On the other hand, the developed nations, with capital for research could go a long way to advancing the technological processes of energy use and consumption to set an example for others to follow.

Kind of a preventive maintenance philosophy.

Now I will probably get slammed by both sides .

I 100% agree. Whether or not human induced climate change is real, there are a huge number of benefits to reducing energy consumption and moving away from burning stuff to get that energy.

The whole 'learning from our mistakes' idea seems to be falling through though, look at China and the "crazy bad" pollution there. If they had emission standards and tried to use energy sources other than coal, and banned the use of coal in the inner-cities (I recently read that many high rises in Beijing use coal for heating instead of natural gas or electricity), the people of China would be much healthier, carbon emission reductions would just be an extra bonus.
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