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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I always thought that too, until I saw a street luge contest on TV.

Those tiny skateboard wheels would, being so small, seemingly have high rolling resistance. OTOH, they'd have very low wind resistance. The bottom line, though, is those street luges go like bats out of hell.

So, I got to wondering if such might not have application on an HPV, esp. since they may offer considerable flexibility in design parameters.
Hrmm... that's a pretty good observation.... worth looking into methinks....

To take a semi-educated guess.... It's a super hard material - so it doesn't deflect as much. The reason smaller tires are generally higher in RR is due to the amount of deflection the rubber must conform to for the contact patch....

You probably won't get much in the way of side loading traction on wee wheels (which is fine for luge methinks)..... Something tells me you can't use just one wheel to turn either....

But, generally, guys that want to go fast use super high pressure tires -so there's not too much in the way of suspension....

Then again...
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