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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post

While I agree completely with the idea that we, the developed nations, should lead the way to a cleaner atmosphere, I draw the line at radical life style changes that may or may not have proveable results.

On the other hand, the developed nations, with capital for research could go a long way to advancing the technological processes of energy use and consumption to set an example for others to follow.

Kind of a preventive maintenance philosophy.

Now I will probably get slammed by both sides .
Not really. But it is naive of you to think that the impositions of the global warming agenda would be merely the voluntary setting "an example for others to follow". Realize that implicit in it is that we citizens in the Western world will be made to pay more for the advanced technologies or restrictions on traditionally used materials that will be made mandatory by our governments, while the developing countries will be given a "pass" and not be held to the same standards. They will be driving cars and polluting while we will be riding bicycles (as they used to do). The whole Leftist global agenda is to restrict and hold back the developed nations so the underdeveloped ones can arrive at some sort of 'equality' - a form of reverse discrimination or punishment, in effect.

This can be promoted as a type of global subsidy through exemption from the same standard. If we have to pay more or suffer austerity so others can benefit, in essence that is a form of international socialism.