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In every other threat scenario, the US govt has spent gobs of money on efforts to reduce or eliminate the threat. Think homeland security and the cost over the last decade, as well as the sometimes disgusting invasions of privacy.

If the idiots are going to spend us into bankruptcy, then they could at least fund the various private R&D efforts to really change the status quo.

I have proposed before a Manhattan type project for energy independence where anyone with a potential solution could go through a screening process and once they had proven the viability of their concept then they could gain access to govt funded research.

Not for personal gain unless the research proved the concept, in which case they could form a cooperative agreement with the govt to universally promote or adopt their beneficial technology, bypassing the limitations of any Patent related restrictions.

Considering the money we are bleeding in balance of trade deficits it might actually prove to provide a real benefit far in excess of any initial funding.

Ingenuity is not exclusive to the intellectual elite. It's a daily occurrence when people find solutions to problems. I have learned of really ingenious methods of solving problems from people who are barely literate.

Having spent literally hundreds of hours and a lot of cash trying to get someone to rationally consider my own idea, I would be willing to bet there are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other people who have tried and had little success.

Do I have an agenda, sure, but a part of that agenda is to stop this country from bleeding our children's future financial health from rotten dinosaur goop that someone is pumping out of the ground for $2 a barrel and gouging us to the tune of $80 for the same barrel.

Chuck a fresh 300 bil in capital into our economy and watch a lot of issues disappear, while you cut vehicle emissions in half in the immediate future and potentially eliminate them in the long run.