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Bosch has several types of platinum plugs. I have very strong opinions about them.

One is the very expensive and very unusual type that uses a lot of platinum and is the OEM plug for some very expensive cars. Those are good, but pricey.

One is the relatively-cheap platinum that you can get everywhere. It has a tiny speck of platinum in the center electrode, is not that expensive, and has spotty quality. I know several people who have experienced running problems with new or almost-new plugs of this type, including me. I also know several people who have had this plug fail in a couple of different ways, usually with the center electrode going AWOL. One had the ceramic insulator break, and part of it get caught in the wrong place, breaking his engine block. (No, he was not happy.)

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE PLUGS! I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them!

As far as I can tell, the +2 and +4 plugs are the same crappy plugs with one or three extra electrodes tacked on. I would think they are subject to the same quality problems as the other type.

So I wouldn't use them.

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