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Originally Posted by tumnasgt View Post
Out of curiosity, roughly how many cars have you driven? The idea of being somewhere where autos aren't commonplace is crazy (in a good way) as someone who has relatively few peers that have learned to drive a manual.
Let's see, in Europe: Škoda Felicia, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 206, Peugeot 307 (not counting one-timers), all manuals. In the US: Mazda 626 and Honda Civic, both manual, plus a rental automatic (can't remember make).

If you just want to get in and go, then an auto is good, but if you want any control over what is going on, then a manual (or extended hypermiling schooling) is a must. Some people believe that in Europe driving students should first learn to drive an automatic, since it's easier, and then learn to shift when they get their own car. My opinion is that using a stick shift should be taught from the beginning, before it's too late.
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