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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
t vago

what do you think of the rotary engine design in the linked utube video? I understand it is operating as an air driven pump in the video, but I would be interested in your opinion.

I thought the greater efficiency in a diesel was due to the higher energy content of the fuel. Measured by the energy content of the fuel alone the diesels efficiency would be more comparable to a spark ignition gasoline engine.

Also what is you opinion of the Transonic type of super critical fuel injection?

The difference in energy content of gasoline and diesel is about 10%, and diesel engines are typically 30% more efficient than gassers. It's not just the fuel.

And as a matter of fact, biodiesel has about the same energy content of gasoline, and I get better than 30% more fuel mileage over an equivalent gasser. Gasser Beetles average about 26 mpg, and diesel Beetles average about 42 mpg. That's about 60% better.
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