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Cars I have driven would number in the thousands.

DeTomaso Pantera
59 Corvette
Every Nissan imaginable
several VWs
Owned 6 Plymouth Valiants
1937 Ford
Alfa Romeo 73 GTV
72 BMW 2002
Rebuilt around 200 salvage vehicles and drove every one of them at least 1000 miles.
2X59 Austin Healey Sprites
67 383 Formula S Barracuda
340 Duster the day after it was sold new in 1970.
Every Chrysler muscle car from 1966 to 1973
Sectioned and channeled 49 Plymouth businessman's coupe on a Nissan truck frame with a 240Z engine
98 MB 230 SLK
Toyota truck, Corolla, and a Scion XB.
66 Chevy Van, the first vehicle I rebuilt in 1973.

One of the reasons I like to drive automatics is my thumb joints are just about worn out, along with a lot of other joints that were subjected to a lot of stress over the last 60 years.

Sometimes even typing can be uncomfortable, and on occasion painful.

Plus a bunch of different motorcycles.

Work on vehicles for a living for 30 years and drive them for pleasure for 44 years and you loose count of the miles and number, over 700k miles possibly much more.

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