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I don't think you get the work back from compressing the valve springs -- the springs cannot be 100% spring back, they are pushing on the cam shaft, which is geared down, and there is a lot of friction involved in both directions. Can you imagine trying to spin the crankshaft by turning the crankshaft?

A rotating disk or cone or ball has to be less work than a poppet valve.

The Revetec engine is a "real" engine and it has been built, run, and tested.

The mechanical leverage that the connecting rod has on the crankshaft at 90d past TDC is much greater than it is very close to TDC or BDC. So, pressure in the cylinder at midstroke is *much* more important than pressure in the cylinder at TDC and BTC. All else being equal, the design I proposed would have much greater torque that a standard design.

What about a typical ICE design is preventing it from being no better than ~25% efficient? How can we get 2-3X more efficiency out of an ICE?
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