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Tapping into signal wires

What is the best (ie safest) way to tap into a signal wire? There are a few sensors that I'd like to monitor, the "signal" is usually just the voltage (eg 0V=open, 5V=closed, etc). Since taking the plug or socket apart is too hard (if at all possible), I have to somehow get into the wires. I can see three options:
  1. Cut the wire, then solder it back together with a third wire for monitoring,
  2. Same as above, but without cutting, only stripping some of the insulation off,
  3. Insert a metal sewing needle through the insulation and solder the monitor wire to the needle.
Since I want to monitor the signal only for a short period of time, I would like to be as non-invasive as possible. Options #1 and #2 may lead to problems with corrosion in the future, so is #3 the best?

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