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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
I am thinking about trying to mount an electric interior car heater under the hood (if I can find a good spot) to hopefully keep the whole drivetrain warmer.
Do you think it will work or is it a waste of time.
I think it's rather risky-- if there's any arcing (like in the thermostat) it could possibly start a fire. At the very least, make sure that heater is at least 18" off the ground.

It'd probably be better to clamp a brooding light with a 250W bulb (make sure it's got a ceramic socket) to the (open) hood and point it at the engine. (This might not work well if you have 'neighbors' of any kind, as typically we like our hoods to be closed when we're not around, lest they try to help themselves to your battery, or just the easily grabbed sensors like the MAF or whatever.)

You might also be able to find dipstick oil heaters. They help a smidgeon (maybe get two, so you can use one for the transmission). That would allow you to have a closed hood, and still get the oils warmed up.

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