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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I think you doth protest too much.
I think that you are not capable of thinking at all - you merely believe what you are told and regurgitate it, without doubting or questioning. You know what happens to those activists who doubt or question their masters.

You can judge for yourself about who is the better scientist -- watch the videos; unless you don't want to be challenged.
Yes, I can judge. And no, I don't need or want to review and argue against the propaganda you churn out.

Why would Don Blankenship call global climate change a "hoax", do you think?
Why don't you ask HIM that question?

Why do the Koch brothers fund the start up of the Cato Institute?
Because in America (as long as it remains a free country) one can still do what they want with their money. At least the Kochs are spending their own money rather than soliciting other people's money by pandering emotionally driven, propagandistic drivel.

The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama : The New Yorker

Oh! I read it in The New Yorker! It MUST be true!

The New Yorker magazine is the perfect venue for what you consider to be a news story - a Leftist magazine that fits your criteria for agit-prop. What? Was the piece a bit too obviously long for the Left-leaning N.Y. Times to fit on their op-ed page?

And the Tea Party, and they have been trying to discredit global climate change, too -- hmmm, big oil and big coal money funding the deniers? Why is that, I wonder?
I wonder if you (or anyone?) is PRO 'small" coal or 'small' oil? Naah, its the MONEY part that bothers you, as it would rile any committed Socialist.

Now, once again we get to the root of Neil's REAL political motive: to spread anti-capitalist sentiment, provoke and promote class envy, try to incite hatred of the wealthy, and denigrate anyone who is not in the camp of the radical Left. The pretense of 'saaving the plaanet' is the foil to lure suckers in and indoctrinate them.

How much are they paying you for pimping socialism? I DO hope you are being paid. After all, you couldn't maintain a socialist activism effort without capital...

And the sheeple, the new citizens of EAarth said: "BAA, BAA, BAA!"