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Is there any way you could order the full batch now, and then send out for those who are ready now, and then hang on to the one(s) that only want them later?

I also would like to throw this idea out there: let's say you have 10 committed purchasers, 8 ready now, 2 ready in May. You order, say, fifteen, and send out the 10 at the original price. There are bound to be others who will crop up, and you could charge them a higher amount to cover your risk and carrying costs, but still have it be a better deal than $160.

I think that's fair as people with "seniority" on the board and/or better preparation get the best deal. Those who come later still get a good deal, and you are compensated for the extra hassle and for fronting the money.

Then again you could just have a "revolving" group buy where each time ten buyers accumulate, you order a new batch.

I mention this because I think this site and ecomodding in general are taking off, so there's a big future for this kind of stuff.

BTW, how many commitments do you have? If you have less than 10, then maybe by May there will be enough for the lowest cost. I might even be willing to buy two if it comes down to nine verified purchasers, to make it ten for the lower price.

Lots of variables to consider, just kind of brainstorming here.

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