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Finalizing multifuel turbo xj 500...fairing thoughts

It's been almost a year since posting this project. It has gone through many transformations and lots of testing and redesigns. After many modifications it's on what we feel is the final list of mods to getting it ready for more tests and show and tell. Due to proprietary crap, some technical information I wont get into. We're an R&D company only.

The basics of this Motorcycle is that it can run on gasoline grades, diesel, E-85, and available bio-fuels. The more internal chemical energy of the fuel the better mileage, technically, it will get. There are always many variables to MPG gains that are quantified during testing procedures, so far we have some decent averages. We'll be going out of state for BSFC testing as well as some other empirical testing. It's an ultra lean burn system where NOx is considerably lower than a typical LBS. Depending on the gasoline (yes they do vary from different refineries and the additives used) most always 100mpg or better depending on how much you can keep out of high boosting situations along with all the other variables.

So far the fairings have been a pain. We had hoped to not get crazy with the fairing as it's the induction system we're concerned with and not aesthetics. Although something decent would be nice. So the pictured is what I can release and was with a mock up from card board. We will be using Poly Carbonate (or we'd like to) instead of fiberglass. So we have, so far this "origami" type fairing idea. I don't mind the stealthy look and we do have a time table to get this done in. Pretty much open to ideas. We haven't really even ruled out a Dustbin "type" idea but the mid sides of the fairing must cover all the way down. In fact the engine is pretty much covered completely with isolated areas for air flow. I'll post an idea I had for the back as well. If you guys like the idea shown, please say so. Same goes for not. We need to get some eye's on it now. You can see it in a larger image at

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