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Originally Posted by vpoppv View Post
My favorite line is: "The surge in demand could knock out power to a home, or even a neighborhood"
They go on to say that plugging in is 1500 watts. I wonder how come my blow dryer, at 1850 watts, doesn't knock out the grid?
Perhaps the next articles in the series -

*Irresponsible Family Cooks Christmas Dinner On Electric Stove - Browns Out Neighborhood (Stove + Oven - 7,200 watts)
..."We hadn't had a hot meal for years, and thought it would be OK just this one time"

*Airing Up a Tire, Man Explodes Utility Transformer (Compressor - 3,000 watts)
..."All I wanted to do was get a few more MPG"

* Teen Attempts Household Chores, Starts Small Fire (Vacuum cleaner - 1,200 watts)
..."Mom had been after me to sweep the floor for weeks, and I thought I could get it done faster by using a prohibited electric vacuum cleaner"

* Shameless Man Seen in Public with No Wrinkles (Iron - 1,000 watts)
..."I got tired of using warm rocks to press my dress shirts"

* Cleanliness Lands Family in Hot Water (Water Heater - 9,000 watts + dishwasher 1,500 watts)
..."The state utilities commission fined a local resident for knocking Oklahoma off the grid by taking a shower and running the dishwasher at the same time"
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