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It is actually a possible big problem for electricity distribution. An electric car is a big drain on the electricity grid, it may only be 1500 watt but it is connected for many hours.
With the amount of EV's around at the moment its not much of an issue but if for example 100,000 people purchase an EV over the next year in america (i think that is close to the prius numbers) Then that is 150 MW.
Also everyone will connect their EVs when they get home from work which is typically at peak power time (When the highest amount of power is being used). That means that everything in the system has to be sized to supply whatever the current peak power rate is and the extra energy used for EV's.

Having said that, the electricity distributors should be taking this into account, that is what they get paid for. So as long as they do their job then there is no issue.
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