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Sorry but it is. I've been doing this for going on 5 years now with this induction system. We use real science and physics. Our blog can give the reader an idea to how it may be done. It's about understanding the chemistry/molecular structures of these long chain hydrocarbon fuels and what conversion processes can take place to extract usable energy based on the application utilizing it. Understand it's the btu/energy available in the fuel and not conventional means in which it's delivered to the combustion source that is the difference. This system has more to due with extensive mathematical modeling regarding the SICE and the many variables and means in which it operates.

As I mention in the blog, it is critical that our testing methodology and practices are acceptable by any other university or government lab. (we are working with those from two universities and one national lab currently) Claims must be backed up by quantifiable and repeatable evidence. We are finalizing these project (just the technology not the bike's themselves) prototypes primarily marketed for DOE, DOD and a couple other government agencies, possibly other more public markets by next years end.

This bike is going to be merely a show and tell and for further testing.(which will include other labs in different states) It was a benefit having to down scale the proprietary technology due to the bikes size and that it is air cooled. So messing with the fairings is one of the last, pain in the butt things for some aesthetics and function. The SV650 will utilize it's original stock fairings.

Some things are not as impossible as you may have registered based on conventional or classical thinking. Testing and learning is continuous on so many levels. Thus why many technologies change from day to day as are break-through's and advancements. There are papers related to the extraction and utilization of different fuels in different combustion process including spark, in white papers on the SAE site and from MIT's Sloan School of Automotive Engineering. I made links that you can follow on the page that comes up in this other forum.

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