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Turtle spinning at Bonneville

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Just saw this today, and it reminded me of aerohead's work :

U-Haul: Equipment specs

The only thing I don't like is the empty weight. It seems like it could be lighter. But maybe that's just the price you pay for durability.

USFRA President Jim Burkdoll told me that this was the trailer that was 'spun' at Bonneville a couple years back.No crash,but 'scary'.
Driver might have had to change his underwear.
I like this trailer,asked about purchasing one,U-HAUL said no dice!
They are robust,they have to be the way patrons abuse equipment and I also believe could be much lighter.
If things work out,I'll be able to report on the difference 'enclosing' the gap makes.
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