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i am thinink about (later on in life) doing a factory five racing GTM supercar kit, and pulling some parts and the ls1 engine out of a donor corvette c5, and putting them in. then once i have this done, i would do a hydrogen fuel assist system kinda like a water methanol injection system into the engine but substituted with HHO gas. Then i would like to get some custom electric hub motors mounted up to some rims i like.
the kit weighs about 2230lbs. and has about 350hp on a stock 5.7l ls1 engine.
then you add in the rims and everything.
i would think it would weight about 2500-2600lbs. when finished. what do you think of this?
if a stock corvette c5 is getting about 18/20 all around mpg, and it weighs 3221 and you get about another 3-4% for every 100lbs. you drop you would get an extra 40% in fuel economy(calculated with 2230 weight). then the hydrogen assist would get you about another 35%+ if hooked up right, and acetone if added in small amounts can add maybe 10% (but i think this only works in carbureted vehicles) because it aids in vaporization, but i dont think it would help in EFI engines. add 1/15th of a percent to how much fuel in your tank, or just 1-2 oz per tank is what ive heard. And i was thinking about these electric hub motors to put on here on the front 2 wheels. how much would this gain me on fuel economy?

projected fuel economy(w/o hub motors):
+40% because of weight reduction
+10% beacause of acetone in fuel
+35% because of hydrogen assist (can be more)
= 35 mpg
any additional info???
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