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The center-of-pressure is still toward the front end even with a tail that is over three feet long in the back. If the pressure was toward the rear, the steering would remain neutral or even over-steer slightly, but this is certainly not the case, even on glare ice!
have you considdered experimenting with a dorsal fin? if i interpret your view of the situation correctly you assume the cars handling has remained stock even with the tail and therefore not an issue to be adressed, however perhaps there's a chance here to couple reduced drag with improved handling as well by adding a central finlet to the back of the tail (above and below perhaps). It would also be interesting to know how the tail effects the front and rear lift, as a change herein could bring about all sorts of handling and traction changes under certain circomstances

for example if the tail would produce some downforce behind the rear axle under side wind conditions this might actually "lift" the front axle, causing a reduction of traction, especially if the sidewind passing over the hood also produces lift (i think it might as fender finlets where fitted to some rally cars to counter this effect as the moved sideways drifting trough a corner)

Perhaps a small finlet at the rear might improve overall handling and make the car more stable without compromising any FE gains
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