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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
keying off also messes up the gauges in the saturn, the speedo takes several seconds to "come back online". The metro starts beeping at you. The mpguino also stops tracking speed/distance while the key is off and I'm sure a scangauge wouldn't be real happy either.
This is why I love owning pre-computer cars.
I did exactly what doviatt suggested, and it works great. Simple, reliable, effective.

On to the present:
On a car with DFCO, would there be a way to tap into that system, and activate in manually? Since it is built in, seems that might be the way to stop fuel to the engine which the computer and sensors and everything would object to the least

Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
A few months ago I returned home just as my neighbor pulled into his driveway. It was cold (around freezing) with some rain and sleet, and he yells to me: You rode your bike? In this weather?!?

So the other day we both returned home at the same time again, only now the weather is warm, sunny, with no wind. And I yell to him: You took the car? In this weather?!?
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