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Originally Posted by Leighos View Post
I'd like to build a mpguino or something similar in the near future.
Do you use anything other than odometer to monitor fuel consumption?
I'd like to get a proper meter, but the Camry isn't OBD-II, so it'd have to be an mpguino, but we might be selling it soon so my mother doesn't want me modifying it. For the Sonata, a Scangauge is a bit pricey, and we are considering downsizing it to a civic hybrid or similar, so an mpguino isn't an option for now in case we do sell it.

The Sonata has a trip meter for fuel economy, but it's not very accurate (look in the fuel log, I have the meter vs actual in the fill up notes). It's nice though because it finally got my mother to start driving more efficiently, even with the slushbox and bigger car, she is using less fuel in the new one than she used to in the Camry.
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