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Originally Posted by Leighos View Post
That is a good point, being from a small city and commuting daily out to our local airport, I never really thought about it like that.
I've ventured up Auckland a few times and been stuck in peak traffic , operating in electric only would be great for that stop/start crawling!
Sadly the Civic Hybrid doesn't have electric only like the Prius, but it still allows you to use some of the energy that otherwise would have been lost to braking. And it switches off the engine at traffic lights, which will reduce the wear on my ignition switch (and my fear of the battery dying in the middle of the road).

A brand new Prius with the <45km/h electric only mode would be fun, because that way I could drive to the local shops and back without having the problem of a cold ICE. But they are way out of the ~15k price bracket.

Maybe when I win the lotto...
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