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I figured I would introduce myself. I am a long time car geek and a mileage enthusiast for several years now. I deliver pizza for a living and as such need to control costs wherever possible. My current project is a 1992 Geo Metro coupe 1.0/automatic with hopes of converting it to a manual as soon as I can find the parts to do so. Right now I am rebuilding the engine with an eye towards economy and reliability.

My best ever tank was in an old 1995 Sentra that I had partially rebuilt from a wreck and managed to see 55 mpg from. I managed to come close a few more times on long trips too. This was with an overdrive automatic and left me wanting a 5 speed! I am hoping this new project will far out do that car and see me in the 60-65 mpg range without major aero mods.

No green technology will ever make a substantive environmental impact until it is economically viable for most people to use it. This must be from a reduction in net cost of the new technology, not an increase in the cost of the old technology through taxation

(Note: the car sees 100% city driving and is EPA rated at 37 mpg city)
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