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Originally Posted by rbrowning View Post
Just for my own education, have you measured what your car consumes at a cold idle without mods?

I am curious because from what I see on my car it really cuts total fuel consumption to let the car run a few minutes to warm up without a load. I know that the fuel burnt at idle is total waste, but I believe, from what my display shows me, that it is more than offset by the increase in efficiency when under load.

I don't have a aftermarket OBD2 display, just the factory display that only shows the instantaneous MPG to be zero. I would like to know what engine you have and what the consumption rate per hour is while you are idling cold.
I highly doubt you make up the fuel wasted idling your engine after starting it cold. Putting a load on it immediately will help it warm up faster, making the engine more fuel efficient sooner.

Obviously this is my opinion. I would change it based on data showing the contrary, however my commute out of my neighborhood happens at very light engine loads, and idling my diesel will not warm it appreciably before loading it anyway.
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