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I might just do that. I already have a build thread on but I guess I could do more than one! Right now the car is a gutted mess, but it is 99.999% rust free. I have only found one hole about the diameter of a pen inside the wheel well on one of the structural panels. The rest is all surface rust under some failed seam sealer that I have started getting rid of using a wire wheel and an acidic rust removal gel. I made sure to check the shell over VERY carefully for rust before purchase. A burnt valve and a wasted transmission controller are easy to fix. Welding in new metal and eliminating rust properly is not. I can't afford to paint it right now but I am cleaning out all the nooks and crannys and adding fresh rust proofing to preserve the body as best I can. The best part of the car though was the price. $350 for a clean, all original paint 1992 Metro with no dents and only 4 small dings. I'd post a pic or link, but my post count is not yet high enough.
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