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Las Vegas Civic GX

Hi there. I live in Las Vegas and bought a Civic GX last October. The local dealers do not carry them but they were able to have one transported here, and they can service them should it be necessary. It is also possible to have a Phill installed (I did).

My impression of it so far:

The GX drives and performs like a regular Civic as far as I can tell. Supposedly it has about 10% less horsepower than other Civics but as I am coming down from a 400 hp Cadillac (it was nice, but 12 mpg was unacceptable) I can't tell. I get around 32-37 mpg depending on how vigilant I am with my driving habits. It has about a 200 - 220 mile range. Half the trunk is taken up by the tank, but I use it for commuting so that is no big deal, I could probably fit one set of golf clubs in the space, max.

As far as refueling in Las Vegas:

There are local stations where you can fill up around town (about 4 or 5) for $1.60 to 1.70 per gallon equivalent. With the Phill unit at home it costs about 1.30 to 1.50 from what I can calculate. Southwest Gas will charge you a lower rate for the gas used for your car. The local stations will fill up your tank in a few minutes, the Phill takes about 12-14 hours for an empty tank.

You can get a $4000 tax credit for the car and $1000 credit for the Phill, this money comes directly off what you owe in taxes but will not take you above 0 (so if you owe $500 it will knock that out, but they won't then give you $3500 on your refund).

As far as I can tell I am probably the first in Vegas with a Phill unit (given the amount of confusion on the part of people I dealt with trying to get it installed), so if you are interested in getting a GX &/or the Phill drop me a line and I can give you the right phone numbers to call and hopefully help smooth out the process (I don't have any financial incentive for this, just hopefully can help others avoid the headaches I had with this process).
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