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Apparently the sarcastic rant is something that you are not familiar with. You would think that the Leaf was Jesus Christ himself, returning to take all the believers to the promised land. Oh no, watch out, the satanic reVOLT is coming to take your children, your wives, and will kick your dog.

I'm sorry, is this helping you understand the issue that has been covered at length? There is a group of individuals here that are getting anxiety attacks at the possibility that Chevy made a hybrid/electric vehicle that operates differently then the prius, the leaf, and whatever else is currently out there and could be successful in that narrow area of design, just the same that the Leaf will be successful for those who dont drive more than 50 miles a day. Maybe it is the cost... when companies take a total bath on car projects to fulfill the US governments environmental demands for their entire brand, or to establish command of a market in hopes that other manufacturers will abandon it (monopolizing technology). Well, the long and short of it is this... If you want to piss and moan, there is no kleenex here for you. I dont care how much you dislike the volt and how you are not going to buy it. Ok, the leaf is better, go buy it. Buy it and live with it for 5 years. Let us know about the compromises that you had to make in purchasing a vehicle that is so limited. I will wait, but for now you can stop pissing and moaning because I guarantee that if the volt was $20,000 you would be squirting with excitement over its world domination. Why dont we just wait until someone purchases it, lives with it for a while, and makes a real decision on whether or not it was worth it. Not so sarcastic rant over.

p.s. Maybe I can make it a point to turn every unreasonably negative thread into a banned/closed rant.
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