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Neddy Seagoon
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I had a Tomos Moped a few years back, great for work, cheap to run and on a car license.
Only problem it could not pull the skin off a rice pudding and could not keep up with traffic in a 50 kph limit making it dangerous.
Not long after buying the moped the engine lost its 49.9cc piston and cylinder and gained a 70cc set. Plus a re-jetting of the carb, bigger primary sprocket and a expansion exhaust.
Riding it was much better after that and was a lot safer, only problem was it sounded like a demented two stroke weed wacker. Not long after that She who must be obeyed (wife) allowed me to buy a Motorcycle!! Like I had before children!!
But it was a fun machine to have if you know how to modify them. Now I have a Kawasaki W650.
Neddy Seagoon.
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