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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
Can you / have you posted a pic of the one w/o a body? has photos, I'll add more as I have time, I don't yet have any good ones with the full body removed, but you can get a basic idea of what shape it is based off the shape of the body.

I installed the PakTrakr gauge, and it's amazing! two lines of info on a gauge that is just slightly larger then the original volt meter "fuel gauge", the top line is mostly graphs, like a bar graph "fuel gauge" with an "E" and an "F" if you want to keep it simple, or a more complex bar graph that shows the state of charge of every battery that it's monitoring, or have it cycle thru telling you the state of charge of each battery, one at a time, it can also give you this same information with numbers instead of graphics, it does this by having a hub near each bank of batteries with wires that connect to all the batteries, so when it gives you pack voltage it's giving you the total of each battery as a single battery, then adding it all together, you can also view the state of charge of each of the single batteries in the pack, so for example it's been telling me that that the last battery in the string in the front of my car is about .4 volts lower then the rest of them in that string, this seems like a very helpful tool in making the battery pack last longer, I have been keeping one line set total pack voltage, and the other line set to state of charge, I realize these are similar, but the state of charge is averaged over some amount of time, so while going up a hill I can see my voltage drop and still be able to tell if I can get home.

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