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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
So, were confused Neil.
Are you saying the drought is caused by GCC or the floods are from GCC ?
You gotta pick one.
Nah, don't expect him to pick one. The reason the movement was clever enough to change the name from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" is so that no matter what happens they can declare that it proves their ideology right. Floods here, drought there - it's all caused by those damn humans and their destructive technology that is raping the eaarth. First we'll regulate industry, then we'll outlaw it. We'll cloak ourselves in the mantle of "saaving the plaanet" and always pretend there is no underlying political motive to it.

They want a 'goldilocks' climate - not too hot, not too cold. (Of course natural cycles and extremes in weather cannot be controlled that way - but we're not supposed to notice or mention that.) And no matter how tepid it becomes they will always have a rationalization to impose more regulation.

It amounts to a coin toss where 'if it's heads I win, if it's tails you lose'.
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