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Kit cars of all types have been made for decades.
It is expensive and a lot of work to build even a simple one.
What is it that you want to achieve?
There is probably an existing car that is close already (except that ETV, never seen anything like it actually on the road before, quite something)

Originally Posted by EcoBill View Post
so i just noticed that the ETV car is a Chevy Aveo hacked apart. I would like to do something similar. I think i want to go with a CRX donor. Im going to draw that up on AutoCad and see what type of body I want to make for it.

more pics of this ETV are here
Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle: A Chevy Aveo of the Third Kind - Carscoop

anyone have any sites I can look at on DIY Kit cars? like how these ppl make them from scratch?
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