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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Explain again how an increase in temperature creates more snow ?
They claim it's based on more heat, resulting in more water evaporation, then forget the condensation phase also requires more cold or it just wouldn't happen ...

One of the GW advocates is claiming we could be seeing 50 years of cold winters because of global warming ...
Fits in nicely with the expected trend towards a cooler planet which my geology professor predicted 20 years ago based on previous temperature variations.
The bloke drilled his own ice cores back in the old days.
Apparently he was already a sceptic even befor this GCC thing even started to take off

Landslides have occured for millions of years, it's just one form of natural erosion.
In some places we're accelerating it through land use, but in other places we're temporarily preventing it from happening.
We see it as a bad thing because it takes away our infrastructure, which we foolishly built where nature was bound to destroy it.

Wildfires occur naturally, though many are attributed to arson or plain carelessness (like the recent Israeli wildfires).
Again, humans cause some of them, but at the same time prevent other wildfires from happening or spreading.