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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Climate is long term; weather is short term.

Lots of rain (6 months worth in less than a week) is different than it has been -- a data point showing possible long term change.
Why is what you claim as proof of GW, long term, thus climate ?

It is not.
California has had an expectional amount of rain.
It happens.
But it happens infrequently.
That's why you now see it as exceptional.
So it's the weather, it's not climate change.
Guess what, it's nothing new either.
Almost all ancient civilisations speak or write about torrential rains at some time in their history.
One of these tales even made it into a global best-seller.

The snow pack is the source of water in the summer, and if the snow pack is melting faster than it is built up, then that is another data point showing possible long term change.

If the small amount of rain that normally come all through the year stops happening, then you get a drought; then that is another data point showing possible long term change.
You see short term variations and start panicking.
Every change you see instantly becomes a trend, and indicates long term change.
Yet it's not even sure it'll happen next year ...

Anything you see in your lifetime, is short-term by definition ...
A century is less than nothing in the cycles the earth goes through.