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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
We are talking about changes in the previous patterns,
Previous patterns that are only some decades old.

Overall, the average temperatures are warmer, but that does not mean that they are warmer everywhere.
Heck, NA and Europe getting colder is a massive area that gets colder, not hotter ...
Sure it's not the whole planet, but it's a sizeable part of it.

Because water vapor is GHG, but it depends on carbon dioxide to "get started".
Check the ice core data.
High amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere are followed by cooling ... not further warming.

Warming climate melts more ice -- most all glaciers are melting, as are the Arctic and Antarctic and Greenland ice.
We've been through that, we're coming out of a glacial period.
Things are warming up and have been for ages - like 12000 years, long before any substantial anthropogenic influence could have occured.

The tundra has warmed up in previous warm periods and released methane then, just as it does now.

Cracks in sub-oceanic sealing layers have caused huge oil and gas spills before.
In some places, methane is boiling up from the seabed right into the atmosphere.
As it always has.

It is the land ice that will have the greatest affect on ocean level. But the lowered albedo of open water means there is more heat absorbed.
Once upon a time, the area where I live used to be sea.
You don't need to dig deeper than 50ft to find the clues and the fossils ... so it's not really that long ago.

The sea has been here a couple of times before, so it's likely to be back some day.

Warming climate melts the tundra, which is releasing lots and lots of trapped methane. Methane is a far more insulating GHG than is carbon dioxide; so we will see more and more warming now that we have passed the probably threshold of 350ppm of carbon dioxide.
Things cool down after we've had high amounts of CO2.