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My $300 XFi...

So I bought one way cheap, the previous owner said it seized while she was driving- this last Sept... I picked it up for $300, using PB Blaster in the cylinders and putting it in fourth gear, got it loose no problem.

Battery has been charged but still won't start, all three plugs do spark- tested them while cranking it outside hanging from wires. One thing I did notice, while cranking to check the plugs. The number three cylinder spurts fuel and air at you, as it should but #1 and #2 nothing...?

Any ideas on where to go from here before breaking into the engine for further investigation? My next step is "checking the timing", just to be sure the crank and cam or point straight up when #1 is TDC. It would be great if the timing was just off- cause you don't get a "pop" or anything when cranking it over...?

Next if that all checks out, I'll check the pistons using the "fluid leak down test" if it falls through new bottom end is on the horizon.

Any other ideas on where to go would be great- sure many of you have more experience then I with this G10 engine.


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