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I think both Frank AND some of the others are right.

If an ICE is "specked" to provide acceleration hp as well as cruise hp, cruise mode will, by design be quite restrictive and lower bsfc.

Also, HP for HP The hybrids available are weighted more toward the ICE side of the equation, going back to the needing to be "specked" for the ICE to both accelerate and provide cruise power.

Theres one thing I'm sure of, Electric motors shine at providing low end torque and suck at providing torque at the top of their curves.

The tweak Im kind of excited about is in the way that someone suggested I set mine up, avoiding a LOT of inneficiencies:

Use 2 drive sprockets on the electric motor, one leading to the wheel, one leading to a centrifigual clutch on the diesel.

for low speed (45 and under) its an electric car.
above 45, the deisel comes on and stays on at WOT. Actually about 80% of full output, its best bsfc sweet spot.

Here is the fun part, because the diesel is specked at 125% of the highway requirement, when the car is being "pushed' by the diesel which is running at a constant speed and output, one can modulate regen on the controller to controll speed.

so rough numbers:

50mph flat ground hp requirement to move car 4hp , about 5hp goes into pack via regen.

70mph flat ground hp requirement to move car 5.5 hp about 3.5 hp goes into pack via regen,

60 going up a steep hill requirement to move car 9hp. All engine power (and all electric power for that matter) goes to moving car, no regen.

Naturally, one could use electric power to cruise on highway as well and I know I would till the batteries were sufficiently discharged, say a nice battery preserving 70% soc.

No this is essentially dialing in regen to control speed. it would be super cool if someone could help figure out how to use a gps's signal for example to talk to a cycle analyst or other multi gauge to basically take over the regen dialing upping and downing as a sort of cruise control :-)

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