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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
You haven't picked up what I'm putting down....

ICEs are most efficiently converting fuel to work during acceleration EVEN THOUGH that is when MILES per gallon are the worst.
I know a loaded ICE gets more efficient when you look at the specific power output.
But as it is, it's the mpg - the fuel used - that really counts.

Look at the EPA car guide.
Highway mpg are about 50% higher than city mpg (except for hybrids).
So it makes sense not to use a big ICE for the most fuel consuming phase of the ride.

Surely the acceleration phase is also a real drain on a battery in an EV.

Shouldn't those power values be reversed?
Yes, though I doubt Toyota or Honda dared to do that when they launched their hybrids.
Instead they opted for a concept with rather minimal changes to normal car designs.

If they had dared, then essentially they'd have been building an EV with a tiny ICE cruise engine / range extender that never powers the car directly.
Buyers may not have been ready for that.
Probably still aren't.

"What about the engine ?"
"Oh, I went for the sports version, it has the 0.35 L engine !"
"Dude, every cilinder on my car is bigger than your entire engine !"
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