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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Insight I has a 67 hp ICE and a 6-13 hp electric. Shouldn't those power values be reversed?
Yes, but the Insight's battery is too small to get it over a mountain. That being the case, the ICE has to be sized to handle a continuous hill climb, which requires around 50HP.

Honda's proposing to put a 160HP electric motor and a 2.0L Atkinson engine in the Accord PHEV. I'm sure it'll sell about as well as the first Accord Hybrid, because its design philosophy appears to be the same: add electric drive, go faster than before. Too bad go-fast enthusiasts don't care about fuel economy, and vice versa.

Should have been a 60HP electric motor and a 1.0L Atkinson engine in a Fit or second-gen Insight.
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